Our expertise
Our expertise


We believe in the uniqueness of every need and every customer. For this reason, our mission is to give equally unique answers. Always.

Passion, good will and team spirit. Super custom, was born from the networking of the best specialists in the Security, Marketing and Technology sectors with the sole purpose of satisfying every type of request in a unique way: from the study of the simplest needs, to the engineering and integration of the most complex solutions.

A company born with the ambition to make each project unique, responding to the needs of professionals, companies and individuals in every field.

Each Super Custom project is turnkey. Whatever the project, in fact, we take care of all the phases from brainstorming to continuous support after implementation in order to free the customer from all kind of thoughts and create a trustworthy relationship that allows us to be quick and effective on every front.

Our incredible teams constantly collaborate across the board, with the sole aim of satisfying our customers.

Super Custom. Your Premium Custom Service.

12 years of Experience
294 Projects Completed
507 Installed Plants